Windmills Dykes and Wides

Windmills, dykes &

In the Netherlands, cricket is played on grounds that only cricket connoisseurs know. In exceptional cases, it’s played on a grass strip – well-hidden behind windmills and dykes, if allowed by soccer and field hockey players.

Windmills, Dykes & Wides is an English translation of the history of Dutch cricket, captured in eleven anecdotal stories. The book spans over fifty years: from a heroic victory over the Australians in the 1960s to the 2019 ICC Men's T20 World Cup qualification in Dubai.

Authors Krijn Vrolijk and Jacob-Jan Esmeijer interviewed current and former internationals about memorable matches, preparations and what they remember from the aftermath.

Smooth and humorous in tone, Windmills, Dykes & Wides provides a sometimes romantic, sometimes sobering, but never one-sided impression of cricket in ‘The Low Countries’. Read how Tim de Leede went out on Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh, because he cancelled his Sky Sports subscription in Holland. How wicketkeeper Jeroen Smits prepared thoroughly for the opening clash versus England during the ICC World Twenty20 in 2009 when losing simply wasn’t an option. Or how Dutch players cavorted in the hotel pool in Sri Lanka, while world-class players like Tendulkar worked up a sweat in the gym, less than a hundred meters away.

Read it all, but especially read how the Dutch national team abandoned deep-rooted amateurism and grew into a (semi-) professional setup. And it’s all thanks to players such as Ruud Onstein, Steven Lubbers, Paul-Jan Bakker, Robert van Oosterom, Reinout Scholte, Henk-Jan Mol, Victor Grandia, Daan van Bunge, Tim de Leede, Feiko Kloppenburg, Klaas-Jan van Noortwijk, Tom de Grooth, Jeroen Smits, Wesley Barresi, Bas Zuiderent, Stephan Myburgh, Peter Borren, Pieter Seelaar and Tobias Visée.

Expected launch date: end of June 2020

Windmills Dykes and Wides

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